Hi. Welcome to Web of Chivian. This site was regestered in, and has been operational since June 21, 1996. I have to admit it has taken me forever to get it the way I want it, I am constantly tweaking and poking at it, and it's certainly guaranteed to change. However, for now it is what it is.

The pages were created long ago on a Mac Performa using Adobe Pagemill and are currently maintained on a 27" iMac Pro using a variety of open source tools and lovingly handcrafted scripts. They're hosted by 1&1 Internet, for which I've become a Premier Affiliate so drop me a line if you're in need of site hosting or web development services.

I welcome your feedback by EMail as the old visitors log book is long gone. That's all for now.

This page last updated Sunday, February 18, 2018.