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JC's Comic Collection Page

The pages that follow are a catalog of my comic collection.
Some of what I have listed is for sale or trade. Most is not.
There's lots of cover art and other related images and links.

Marvel Epic Valiant Dark Horse Independents

Last updated Thursday, May 25, 2017.

Author's Notes: As noted above very little of what is detailed here is actually for sale. You are welcome to inquire but don't get your hopes up too high.

Thanks to everyone for the feedback I've gotten to date and, as always, I'd welcome any thoughts you might care to share regarding the content and layout of the pages herein. Enjoy! Who would've believed 50,000 page views here or more that 100,000 on the Silver Surfer and Fantastic Four pages. Time flies when you're not paying attention. :-)

Thanks, JC

Over the past 25 years or so I've managed to accumulate a bunch of comic books. Most are worth a dollar or so, some a few dollars, others a few hundred, and I even have a couple worth a few thousand. As you can imagine the expensive ones are among my most treasured possesions and live in safe deposit boxes (where it's nice that they're safe but a drag that I can't get them out to admire when I want). After a considerable cull what remains in my collection is The Silver Surfer and The Fantastic Four which are my two favorites, a complete run of the Silver and Modern age Sub-Mariner (with a few Golden Age issues thrown in for good measure), a complete run of Tales To Astonish, a few other issues from the Marvel Golden Age, and some others most notably Concrete, Eyebeam and Cerebus. With the help of a few eBay auctions many of the ones that used to be detailed here are gone. Here's my list of books I want so if you have any, and are willing to part with them for a fair price, let me know. And finally, here's some other great comics related sites and a site review of this site which I never knew existed.

Silver Surfer


Marvel Comics

Fantastic Four

Graphic Novels


Silver Surfer


Tales To Astonish



Human Torch


Solar - Man of the Atom







Smokey the Bear



Godzilla Dark Horse


Next Men

Assorted Dark Horse





Moebius' Airtight Garage

Moebius Graphic Novels

Assorted Epic


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