In Memory of Charles M. Schulz. My Snoopy and I are eternally grateful.

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In 1965, at the age of four, I remember finding a book that my mom had given my dad. It was a small thing, maybe six inches square, that had a wonderful picture of a small girl hugging a dog on the cover. My folks would read it to me over and over and now, thanks to the thriving trading community on eBay, I've read it to my son and gotten the same joy all over again. From such a simple thing did I learn many of the fundamental truths of life. Thank you Charles Schulz for imparting such a simple message of love and teaching this impressionable young child that indeed...

Happiness Is A Warm Puppy.
Peanuts Comics & Stories 1950-2000
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The Art of Charles M. Schulz
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Peanuts at the Museum
The Art of Charles M. Schulz

It was origianally my intention to write a good bit about Sparky so that you would know how I felt about the man that gave of himself for 50 years. I got my first stuffed Snoopy when I was five and loved it until there was literally almost nothing left. Today I find myself approaching my 53rd birthday but I tell you proudly, without fear of what you may think of me, that I still have a stuffed Snoopy on my bed who gives me comfort, and who's soft face I still cuddle when I'm feeling down. But rather than try to put my feelings into words, I decided that the words and images of Sparky himself, and others, could convey the profound sense of loss that I and so many others felt at his passing. God bless you Charles Schulz. We shall never forget.

Peanuts: A Golden Celebration

The Art and the Story of the World's Best-Loved Comic Strip

Peanuts: A Golden Celebration honors the momentous 50th anniversary of Charlie Brown and the gang with over 1,000 carefully selected strips that tell the story of Peanuts like no other book before. In Schulz's own words we learn how he came to create the world's most popular comic strip characters from nostalgic and sometimes painful memories of growing up--such as the agony of classroom Valentine exchange and the longing for a little red-haired girl.

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Peanuts: A Golden Celebration

The following group of comics was published on Saturday, May 27, 2000, in honor of the National Cartoonists Society awarding Charles "Sparky" Schulz a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Cathy By Cathy Guisewite
Mother Goose & Grimm By Mike Peters
Get Fuzzy By Darby Conley
Heart of the City By Mark Tatulli
B.C. By Johnny Hart
Marvin By Tom Armstrong
The Boondocks By Aaron McGruder
Drabble By Kevin Fagan
Shoe By Jeff MacNelly
The Norm By Michael Jantze
Blondie By Dean Young and Dennis Lebrun
Pickles By Brian Crane
Wizard Of ID By Brant Parker and Johnny Hart
Curtis By Ray Billingsley
Rose Is Rose By Pat Brady
Baldo By Hector Cantu and Carlos Castellanos
Sally Forth Created by Greg Howard
Dilbert By Scott Adams
Nest Heads By Steve Dickenson
Written by Greg Walker
Drawn by Chance Browne
JumpStart By Robb Armstrong
Marmaduke By Brad Anderson
Bizarro By Dan Piraro
Close to Home By John McPherson
Garfield By Jim Davis
Grand Avenue By Steve Breen
Hagar By Chris Browne
Baby Blues By Rick Kirkman and Jerry Scott
Sherman's Lagoon By J.P. Toomey
The Duplex By Glenn McCoy
Dennis The Menace By Hank Ketchum
Family Circus By Bil Keane
Fox Trot By Bill Amend
Ballard Street By Jerry Van Amerongen
Pluggers Gary Brookins (John Stephenson)
Zits By Jerry Scott and Jim Borgman
One Big Happy By Rick Detorie
For Better or For Worse By Lynn Johnston
Crankshaft By Tom Batiuk and Chuck Ayers
Funky Winkerbean By Tom Batiuk
Luann By Greg Evans
Six Chix By Stephanie Piro