This is my Moebius original watercolor. My apologies for the slightly blurry image but until I get a tripod for my digital camera I think I'm gonna have to get used to my pictures turning out like this. The original is sharp, bright and beautiful!

I bought this piece at auction in 1992 when Moebius, Jean-Marc and Randy Lofficier were guests at the Dallas Fantasy Fair. I enjoyed meeting the master immensely and found him to be a personable man who was genuinely interested in his fans as we waited patiently in the autograph line. Then later on I had the great honor of speaking to him at length about this piece after the auction had concluded. He smiled and called it simply "Man With Box" and seemed pleased that I liked it so much.

We talked about the watercolors he used, the types of pens, and even a little about his stuff in Metal Hurlant and the later Heavy Metal. I left feeling that I had really connected with a man who's work I had enjoyed for years and that, more than anything else, is the reason that none of this stuff is for sale. JC.

My Moebius Original Watercolor. Bought new at auction in 1992. Original Owner!
  Title                Date     Notes
------------------     ----     ------------------------------------------------
The Art of Moebius     1989     Autographed by Moebius
                                Cover Art (Epic)
Moebius 0              1990     The Horny Goof (Dark Horse)
                                Autographed w/ sketch on
                                Inside Front Cover
                                Moebius Cards 57, 58, 77
Moebius 1/2            1991     The Early Moebius (Grafitti Designs)
Moebius 1              1987     Upon A Star (Epic)
Moebius 2              1987     Arzach (Epic)
                                Moebius Cards 49, 50, 70
Moebius 3              1987     The Airtight Garage (Epic)
                                Autographed w/ sketch on
                                Inside Front Cover
                                Moebius Cards 14, 21, 84
Moebius 4              1987     The Long Tomorrow (Epic)
                                Moebius Cards 61, 62, 80
Moebius 5              1988     The Gardens of Aedena (Epic)
                                Cover Art
                                Moebius Cards 32, 35, 86
Moebius 6              1988     Pharagonesia & Other Strange Stories (Epic)
Moebius 7              1990     The Goddess (Epic)
                                Moebius Cards 39, 79
Moebius 8              1991     Mississippi River (Epic)
Moebius 9              1994     Stel (Epic)
                                Cover Art
40 Days Dans Le Desert  
(40 Days In The Desert)
                   Nov 1999     Editions Stardom

All are books are in NM/M condition. Publisher designation in ( ).

Moebius Comics

Caliber Comics

 Issue      Date     Cond.   Notes
-------   --------   -----   ------------------------------------
 1        May 1996   NM/M
 2        Jul 1996   NM/M
 3        Sep 1996   NM/M
 4        Nov 1996   NM/M    Cover Art
 5        Jan 1997   NM/M    Cover Art
 6        Mar 1997   NM/M

Heavy Metal Magazine

 Issue      Date     Cond.   Notes
-------   --------   -----   ------------------------------------
 1        Apr 1977   VF/NM
 2        May 1977   VF/NM
 3        Jun 1977   VF/NM
 4        Jul 1977   VF/NM
 5        Aug 1977   VF/NM
 7        Oct 1977   VF/NM

Art of Moebius           Moebius 5            Moebius 9

Comics 4             Comics 5

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