Players: Kathi, JC, Kris, Davy, Chris, David

Characters: DM, Aridar, Rashalin (Rash), Tidus, Conall, Jundar

After leaving the edge of town we follow Conall to the north. Our marching order is Conall, Aridar, Jundar, Tidus and then Rash. It doesn't take long before Aridar begins to slow down because of the weight of his backpack. The first hour is uneventful as we macke our way through the hilly terrain. I finally point out to Rash that he is now free to wash the pink spot off of his forehead, which he does with some vigor leaving a red raw spot in its place.

The hike is fairly pleasant as the weather is good being partly cloudy but Conall warns us that we're likely to have some rain by midafternoon. Conversation runs through a variety of subjects, including the previous evenings adventures. As we reach the top of one hill we see down at the bottom a group of darkly clad humans with a horse drawn cart. There seems to be a problem with one of the horses as it has been detached from the who, after an examination, appears to have twisted it's ankle. As we come upon them they gather their weapons defensively but do not attack. They are heading west to the lake to scatter their sons ashes. He died defending their small village of Dirts End from orcs.

Aridar uses Cure Minor Wounds which clears the injury and allows the horse to walk comfortably. The tell us of increased skeletal undead activity.

The next few hours pass uneventfully and we stop for lunch. Aridar rubs his shoulders gingerly between bites and then looks up into the weather as it starts to gently rain. After lunch we travel for several more hours, filling our waterskins at a small stream, and then take a break. Finally it stops raining and then we continue on until we find a somewhat dry spot, a small copse of beech trees, and then make camp. Aridar gladly drops his pack in the tent and then heads off with Conall for a bit of scouting about while the others finish making camp.

There is enough wood around for a small fire and before the sun sets completely Aridar and Conall do a bit of searching about and Conall spots a cracked flask partially buried. After digging it out we determine that it does have a leak and appears to contain lamp oil. It is a hypothesis that seems validated after we get back to the camp and test a few drops in the fire.

Conall and Jundar have first watch, Rash and Tidus have the second and Aridar takes the third. During first watch a group of skeletons attacks the group.


Aridar awakens to the sounds of shouting and battle. He grabs his mace and shield and bursts from the tent. Seeing the nature of the enemy Aridar attempts to turn them but is unsuccessful. Several rounds go by and just Aridar and Rash are the last ones standing. Aridar, after several unsuccessful physical attacks, tries again to turn the creatures and again is unsuccessful. Rash, after having dispatched the skeletons on him, comes over to flank the last one attacking Aridar and between them they kill the last creature.

Aridar casts Cure Light Wounds on Tidus, Jundar and then Rashalin exhausting all of his spells, and then drinks a Potions of Healing. Conall is lost.

Dividing the rest of the evening up into three watches between those of us capeable it is not until just before sunrise, during Aridar's watch, that he hears several wolves sniffing about investigating Conall's dead body. Clanging his mace on his shield Aridar scares them away to a distance of 20 or 30 feet and continues to loudly berate them until Tidus comes to investigate and the wolves lope off.

In the morning we build a cairn for Conall and distribute his possessions among us. Tidus takes his totem for the falls. Aridar sets a good mark for travel and the group sets off, with Aridar in the lead, and heads north. The days travel is uneventful although again in the afternoon it begins to rain. It rains all afternoon somewhat heavily and is still raining when we find a campsight near a small stream. We set up a cold and wet camp.

Jundar has first watch, Tidus second and Aridar last. The night passes uneventfully and I wake the others and then begin morning devotionals.

The day dawns cloudy again although the rain ceased roughly the time that Aridar started his watch. We again set off making for the same spot on the horizon and make it through the morning and early afternoon before encountering a LARGE brown bear.


Tidus attacks it which sets it in motion towards Aridar. One GIANT claw knocks Aridar off the path (and down to zero hit points) so he attacks from a distance using the shuriken.

We kill the bear, skin it and cut out as much meat as we can safely carry. It is a process that will take that evening, night and all the next day. Unfortunately during Aridars watch a group of orcs surround us and attack.


Aridar fights bravely as one by one his companions go down. Finally when there seems to be light at the end of the tunnel, he takes a severe blow from one of the orcs who had abandoned the battle in favor of looting the tent and is killed. Perhaps Tidus (knocked down to -8 but not out because of a psionic power) will remember us well but for the rest of us it was a vicious battle in which we were all killed!

End of campaign.