Beginning of DM Rotation / Beginning of Campaign

Players: Kathi, JC, Kris, Davy, Chris, David

Characters: DM, Aridar, Rashalin (Rash), Tidus, Conall, Jundar

My initial training is over, the feats of strength and endurance are completed successfully, and it is time for the dajemma. It is High Harvest Tide, the day between the end of September and the first of October. Our dajemma will be begin tomorrow at dawn.

We begin in a sweat lodge sitting naked in a circle surrounding a glowing fire pit full of coals. This is the vision quest. There are only five of us awaiting our visions as the expected sixth failed (and tragically fell) during his attempted feat. We've been here for 24 hours already and none of us have yet been visited. I begin to wonder if the three priestesses here to interperet our visions (one of which is VERY voluptous in her clingly sweat-soaked outfit) are too much of a distraction. Then, just a few minutes after the thought strikes and is dismissed, two of the others (Rashalin and Tidus) are the first to have visions and are led out. Mine comes a few hours later.

I am standing in a valley in the middle in a driving snowstorm. Around me on all sides are tall, white-capped mountains. There are paths leading away up and over the mountains in all directions. Beyond the mountains is a light or an energy that I can not describe. Above me in flight are many unknown creatures, some flying together, some in battle. One of the paths is the right one but I do not know which. Just when I think I've decided on which path to take, and started forward, I find myself once again in the sweat lodge staring at the flames.

As I start back to reality one of the priestesses is there at my side waiting to lead me out. When the others have also had their visions we are led back into sweat lodge to tell our visions. I listen to the others and then it is time to tell mine. Afterward I draw the Rune of Protection. It is interpreted as me trying to protect myself from choosing an incorrect path. "Remember that there are many paths that may lead to a destination." the priestess tells me.

After the ceremony we are led away past a small gathering of friends and family who cheer at our triumph. The ceremony marking the passage into manhood will be this evening. We go to gather supplies and potions as provided by the town and I outfit myself for winter travel. Then we are allowed to choose from a special cache of items. I choose a Towel of Weapon of the Deity. Following this we are led to a separate tent to make totems. The totem should represent me, what I am thankful for and what I hope for in my life. I choose a 2" oval piece of onyz, a piece of polished amber with black flecks within, a handful of dried flowers, two harp strings, a variety of colored paint, three iron nails, some assorted beads, scaps of leather, a variety of claws from various animals, and three silver links. I bind the items together using some thin copper wire, work for a while to get it ready, and then present it for acceptance.

When the totem is completed and it is time to select a dajemma carrier I select Piadri, an acolyte at the temple of Mystra, as I will not hurt either my brother Grykin or my sister Bria by selecting the other. I give both a long hug and tell each how proud I am of them and how honored I am by their desire to be my carrier.

"I would select you both if I could but that would not be right." I tell them candidly, "Piadri and I have studied together and it shall fall to him next to fulfill his own dajemma. I will see you in the morning before we set out."

Then we are brought to the feast hall and when finally led in are seated next to Fyrra (Lord) Felegras Vrul who is the leader of our village.  We feast for three hours during which all of the others (at one point or another) fall asleep and are festooned in some form or another. After the feast is the "Virgin Catch" (for which we are the virgins). At the beginning of the chase Aridar finds himself almost immediately occupied by a lovely waif of a girl named Lessa. Lessa is 4'11", 95 lbs, has black hair, and is 17 years old. She is a student of the magic arts and Aridar has noticed her before although he is somewhat surprised at having "found" her so readily, especially given the full facial mask that obscured his vision.  Despite her small size Lessa is attractive and I silently give thanks to Mystra as there could have been other, less pleasant companions.

Despite the fact that all of the dajemma candidates are together in one large room Aridar is able focus entirely on his first lover and their session is quite satisfactory for the both of them. So much so that neither he nor Lessa are much aware of the others now also occupied in the "rite of passage". When he finally lays back, allowing her to straddle him as she strokes his hair and forehead, Aridar smiles up at her and marvels at the abandon with which she gave of herself. He sits up once to kiss her breasts and neck and lips, and nibble on her ears whispering his thanks, and then lays back down and falls quickly into a deep but happy sleep.

In the morning we are all awoken by the cacophony of children sent in for that that express purpose. As we make our way toward the edge of town the chaos increases as hundreds of children crowd around us while the adults smile and wave from the windows as we pass by.

End of session.

Next session 2/22/2003.